Single Replacement File



Have weak and brittle nails? If the answer to this is yes then this product is for you. 

Our Nail Hardener is scientifically designed and formulated to strengthen and harden the surface of finger and toe nails. It is Hypo-Allergenic and Formaldehyde free. 

This product contains a polyester resin which bonds with the fibers on the surface of the nail giving the nail added backing. This polish can be used as a base coat to protect the nail from the formaldehyde found in most polishes. Can also be used as a top coat sealer. Also dries in 60 seconds.

​Nail Hardener



Our Nail White is by far our hottest selling item. 

Our Nail White is an ultra violet polish designed to blend light onto the surface of the nail highlighting the natural color. 

Since this polish works with light rays, the bolder the light the bolder the look of the nail. 

This polish is Hypo-Allergenic and Formaldehyde free.  It dries in 60 seconds.

Nail White

Our cuticle treatment is designed to soften dry and brittle cuticles using only the finest natural oils available.

 Ingredients include Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Evening Primrose, and Tea Tree Oil to name a few. Our oil comes in a pump action pen for your convenience.

To start the flow of oil gently depress the tip. It is Hypo-Allergenic and Formaldehyde free. Carry it with you and use as often as desired.

Cuticle Treament

Naturally Yours Inc.

​Set of 3 Buffing Pads

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The Crystal File has thousands of tiny razor sharp cutting edges that professionally cut and shape the nail smoothly and evenly. Unlike conventional files, the Crystal File can be used in both directions. Emery boards and diamond or steel files leave tiny tears in the tip of the nails allowing moisture and detergents to penetrate, causing splitting, chipping, and peeling.

The Crystal file is unconditionally guaranteed to remain sharp for a lifetime 

These pads will clean, condition, and polish your nails to a beautiful protective shine. These pads are also guaranteed for life, just send in the pads and $6.00 for shipping and handling and we will mail your new replacement pads.